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What Does Your T-shirt Say About You?

Posted on 20 March 2017

 The t-shirt: staple of every girl’s closet. A classic that never goes out of style and never lets you down when you’re not sure what to wear.

But what does the shirt you wear say about you as a person? It probably says more about you than you think because the clothes you wear in your free time speak more about you than the suit or uniform you wear to work. That’s because you’ve made a choice to buy and wear that item of clothing.

Ladies black asymmetric hemshort sleeve  t-shirt top

So, read on for a breakdown of women’s t-shirt styles.

Ladies classic white t-shirts

A real polarizer, this one. You either don’t really care what you look like – or you’re the total opposite and your sense of style consumes your every waking thought. It’s actually hard to tell which category you fall into…and isn’t that just the way you like it?!

Ladies retro band t-shirts

One of the most classic genres when it comes to ladies t-shirts. If this is a genuinely old shirt then chances are you’re a real music lover and saw ‘the guys’ in concert back in the day. If it’s a new vintage-look, shop bought album cover or reprint of a classic tour t-shirt, well, maybe you bought it from WhatWears!

ladies band retro cropped guns and roses tour t-shirt top

Ladies t-shirts with pockets

Ladies tees with a pocket on the breast are an enduring classic and show nice attention to detail. A somewhat vintage inspired shirt, this is a tee that says the wearer is laid back but someone who pays attention to the little things.

Ladies printed t-shirts

One of our favourite styles, it probably goes without saying. A printed tee is usually at the forefront of trends and worn by a girl who isn’t afraid of standing out in the crowd.

ladies white and black queen bee beyonce blair waldorf printed t-shirt

Ladies striped t-shirts

A bolder move than a classic plain tee and whether you’re rocking colourful, bold stripes or a white and navy Breton style top, the stripy t-shirt is hard to beat. Chances are you err on the side of classic cuts and you favour the preppy or nautical look.

 Got something to add? What do you think your t-shirt says about YOU? Let us know!

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  • Gabbi: March 20, 2017

    Love this. Definitely going to buy the Queen Bee tshirt! I’m in a big printed T phase at the moment…

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