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This Season’s Hottest Trends

Posted on 09 March 2017

How on trend are you? Do you know your Moschino from your Mui Mui and your Versace from your Valentino? Can you spot a trend at a hundred paces or do you rely on friends to tell you what’s hot and what’s most definitely not?

Well no matter if the trend gene has passed you by because WhatWears are here to help. We’ve taken a look at the biggest themes running through the ladies wear Spring 2017 collections and have helpfully listed three that we personally love below. You’re welcome!

 Ladies wear Spring 2017 trends number 1


It might be a response to the dark days of 2016 – a year agreed by most to be an outstandingly awful year – but cheerful yellow dresses, jackets, tops, shoes and more were all over the runways for this season. Whether you’re brave enough to choose bright canary yellow, want to play it a little more girly in pale daffodil yellow, or prefer the boyish tones of mustard, there’s something for everyone this season in this fun shade.

canary yellow strapless evening gown dress

Ladies wear Spring 2017 trends number 2


Fun, flirty, and somewhat reminiscent of childhood, gingham fabric was everywhere this season. From big bold checks to smaller traditional gingham print, put simply, this season it’s hip to be square! Babydoll dresses, shift dresses, tailored shorts, and of course this season’s other hot fave - the cold shoulder shirt – were all in abundance. (link to other blog)

Ladies wear Spring 2017 trends number 3

Vertical stripes

Eye-catching and flattering, a vertical stripe suits just about anybody – and any body. Drawing the eye downwards as opposed to horizontally, vertical stripes are great for lengthening the body, creating a fluid line and giving an illusion of a sleeker silhouette. Whether you choose slim, business-like pinstripes, or bold and wide blocky stripes the choice, of course, is yours.

back to front pin stripe shirt


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